The most famous Canadian, Glenn Gould, was a world renowned concert pianist who lived in Toronto, the Beaches neighbourhood.  His home at 32 Southwood Drive has been designated as a Heritage Home. 


Outside, on the front lawn, is a plaque denoting all of Glenn Gould's accomplishments throughout his career.  What the plaque does not tell you is the impact and role that dogs played in his life.  It does not tell you of his concern for animal cruelty, the environment.  It does not tell you how he foresaw the advent of electronic media and the good it could do.

His is a truly a story that tells of how an animal can be your greatest comfort, light at the end of the day, that safe place to be yourself completely, your sanctuary.  His story is one that says never judge a book by its cover. 

Glenn Gould in his wisdom bequeathed equal portions of his estate to two groups.  One human, The Salvation Army and one animal, The Toronto Humane Society.

Following Mr. Gould's lead the Healthy Barker Wellness Event is donating portions of all tickets sold to two groups, one human, Autism Ontario and one animal, BUTTONNOSES rescue.  Both of these groups will be on hand this week-end to let you know more about what they do and how we can help! 








It is a great privilege to have discovered Mr. Gould's life story beyond the piano and to hold this event in a place that honours him.

Thank you to Birgitte Jorgensen who wrote this beautiful story below.

"It Takes A Village"!